Typical dishes and local produce

The Sorrento Peninsula is full of citrus groves, olive groves and farms producing products that are well-known and famous around the world such as olive oil and lemons. Villa Villa Nilla Beatrice offers its guests the chance to have a chef at home who will prepare all the traditional dishes of fish, pasta and more, accompanied by a good glass of local wine! We can olso provide to  cooke the pizza  in our wood- oven ,  our pizzaiolowill prepares it for you according to your taste. The evening will end with a taste of the famous limoncello. For nature lovers, there is also the possibility to do the tours at the local farms where you can taste and buy the products.

Folklore and traditions

There are many traditions  in Sorrento peninsula, very characteristic and evocative, such as those of the processions in the Easter period, men march through the streets of the country, remembering the passion of Christ. Always linked to the Easter period is the tradition of palm sweets that women begin to prepare months before and are blessed on the day of the palm Sunday. During the Christmas period, you can visit the cribs made by the Sorrento artisans and exposed in all the churches of the country with pastors of the 18th century. In the summer there are many traditions related to tradition such as the spectacle of fireworks exploding from the sea accompanied by music that you can admire directly from the boats.