Riviera San Montano beach



Definitely a privilege that few can afford, yes!

Just 300 meters from our exclusive Villa there is a beach tongue, composed of small rocks, with a unique view of Capri!

Reachable going to the end of our private road, you will find a flight of steps with a white arch (30 steps) that will lead you to the beach.

Here you can enjoy the pleasure of a swim, have fun in the sun or even walk to the port of Marina della Lobra by a path that runs along the sea (1.5 km) to rent canoes and take a ride along the most beautiful part of the coast Sorrento!

              Lagoon of Queen Giovanna


An enchanting lagoon, emerald waters, connected to the sea by a natural arch! Where ... you can spend unforgettable and unique hours, immerse yourself in the transparent waters of the lagoon. Possibility to reach Capo di Sorrento by bus or on foot (distance 3.5 km). You will find a wonderful path that will lead you to the lagoon, (30 minute walk) along the path you can admire the panoramic view of the Sorrento coast and Gulf of Naples.
Possibility to book Kayak tour, departure from the Port of Marina della Lobra to a Kilometro from our Villa and reach the lagoon along the coast!

 Great fun! 

                   GIARDINO ROMANTICO




Giardino Romantico  is a corner of paradise coast with a pebble beach, present in the locality of Marciano di Massa Lubrense, you have to take a private road for 2 km, at the end of the road you will find a large parking lot. (cost per person a sunbed with umbrella from € 15.00 all day including parking)

Beach equipped with any comfort! Also present a restaurant. Easy to reach from our villa by bus or car (distance 6.5 km).

      Marina del cantone beach - Nerano


A dive where the water is bluer! a must is the descent to the sea to do if you find yourself passing through Massa Lubrense ... Marina del Cantone, unique in its coastal conformation with its two rocky points, which meanderingly embrace the waters of the Cantone bay. A tourist destination in the last decade that has become a must for those coming from the sea! Also known for the creation of the famous pasta alla Nerano! What to say here does not lack anything!

Accessible by bus or car, there is ample parking. Rate 2.00 per hour. For the two wheels white stripes available without paying (distance 10 km)

                                                                                                                                                           Accessible by bus or car, there is ample parking. (distance 10 km)

                         Baia di Jeranto



This place is certainly a destination especially for trekking-lover or nature-lover, but lately also by those who want to enjoy a swim away from the usual chaos invading the beaches today. To reach the Bay of Jeranto, you must arrive by bus or car to Nerano, parking spaces along the blue striped streets or adjacent parking. From here take the path to the Bay, follow the signs for the FAI trail and after a wild 40-minute walk you can finally immerse yourself in the transparent and uncontaminated waters of this nature reserve (marine protected area of Punta Campanella). Distance (10 km)

The bay can be reached from the marina of the canton by rowing boat or possibility to book Kayak tour!